Kindergarten Worksheets

Free name writing worksheets with 7 printable pages. There are pages with tracing, writing, and coloring all to make handwriting name more interesting for kids.

Free Name Tracing Pages

I created this blog post to offer free name tracing pages for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Writing their name helps children identify their belongings and build confidence. My own children learned to read ore recognize their names before writing and reading and they loved the sense of accomplishment it gave them. I created a […]

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Tracing words worksheets spring flowers

Spring Flowers Worksheets with Tracing Words

The idea to create these worksheets with spring flowers came to me because of the weather outside we have in Washington now. The leaves start to grow in the bushes. On some bushes in our backyard, I see buds. I know it is February. I know it is winter. I’m not crazy, but the weather

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The Number Roll is one of Montessori works designed for kids in kindergarten age. You can download for free printable number roll with traceable numbers 1 to 1000.

Montessori Number Roll Printable Number Tracing 1 to 1000

My son was really interested in the Montessori Number Roll when he was in Kindergarten. He was bringing his work home from preschool and continued work. He enjoyed unrolling it and seeing how long is his work. He enjoyed seeing how the numbers are growing. He made not one number roll but a couple of

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Friendship Worksheets For Kindergarten

Today I prepared for you friendship worksheets for kindergarten-age kids. February is a month to celebrate friendship in preschool, kindergarten, and school. Kids are preparing special cards for their friends. They are learning how to recognize a good and a bad friend. They read books about friendship too. Our always favorite book about friendship, kids,

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Free Christmas Number Tracing Worksheets For Preschool Age Kids. There is 7 more inspired by Christmas worksheets in this set. I create printable worksheets, calendars, and lined paper. Follow me to see more of my content. Save this pin to return to it later.

Christmas Tracing Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

I do not know how it is in your home, but in mine, kids are crazy about Christmas, Santa, gifts, and decorations for Christmas. And yes, we have still November :). Because they like all about Christmas, I decided to create some worksheets about Christmas for them. I have many ideas about what I can

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Free Autumn Inspired Block Letters Tracing Worksheets

Autumn Tracing Worksheets for Kids

Join 7 Days long tracing challenge, and practice daily handwriting with autumn tracing worksheets made for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade. This challenge features block letter tracing worksheets perfect for kindergarten and 1st-grade students. The worksheets are designed to be simple and easy to trace, with big font and words inspired by the autumn

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Trace number printable worksheets.

Free Number Tracing Worksheet pdf file for 1st Grade and Kindergarten

Today, I want to share a printable number tracing worksheet pdf file made for a 6-year-old child (for my son). I created it spontaneously when I noticed that my son had forgotten how to write numbers correctly. He was working on one of his addition worksheets and I saw that he was writing rotated numbers,

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