Halloween Tracing Pages with Costumes Ideas

Do you like Halloween? Do you dress up and have fun with your kids? I’m not the kind of person who will play like that but I enjoy how my kids are playing and have fun with it. There was a time in my life when I enjoyed making costumes for my kids. I made a beautiful fox and a purple cat costume. Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Batman costumes. Now I’m not sewing that much. Now I’m buying costumes for kids because it started to be too complicated to create them at home. But it is not about how I get costumes, it is about how fun it can be for kids to dress up.

Halloween can also be a reason to be super creative. We enjoy creating posters, spiders, ghosts, and this year also a Halloween banner.

Today I want to share with you Halloween Tracing Pages with ideas for costumes for kids. I created them as block letter tracing. Big block letters are appropriate for Kindergarten and 1st-grade kids to trace. The gray color of the font helps to see pencil lines. Under each word, there is a space to rewrite it to practice handwriting.

This is one of the pages you will get when you will download a file.

Halloween Tracing Pages – What You Will Get?

There are many types of costumes for kids. This is why I divided tracing pages by theme. There is a tracing page with princess costumes. My son is very interested in Star Wars, not because he even knows the story, cartoon, or anything but because daddy is a Huge Fan of the movie ;). There is one page with costumes inspired by Start Wars, you will find there tracing words like Mandalorian, Stormtrooper. The third page is inspired by my daughter, a huge fan of horses. She loves them and this is why this year we had to look for costumes inspired by horses. There are cowgirl and cowboy words to trace, unicorn, horse, and rider words to trace. The fourth tracing page I created with a smile on my face, for all of you, who remember the cute costumes for little kids.

The last page is for your child to be creative. He can trace the words “This year for Halloween I want to dress up as”. There is a space to fill in the name of the character and draw a picture of how he will look.

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