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I create printable worksheets for homeschooling activities with kindergartners and elementary school kids. Your children can learn how to write letters and even their full names by following traceable letters with their pen. Also, my store offers some exercises with basic math problems: addition worksheets, multiplication worksheets, division worksheets, etc. Moreover, you can help your children to organize their day with our printable day schedule! We offer different time increments (hour, half an hour, quarter-hour) to better suit your needs. What a great habit to develop early in life!

Story of industriousmom

It all started with the lockdown and learning from home. The first worksheets were created for my kids to help them learn with Montessori-inspired materials.

My daughter really was interested in cursive letter writing. We started with first and last name tracing and she loved it. Watching my children, I noticed that they are better at working on cards in a horizontal layout. I wanted my work to look beautiful but also I didn’t feel there is a need to have colorful pictures on them. I like simple things. And this is how I created cursive alphabet tracing pages.

industriousmom Etsy store

This was the beginning of my Etsy store.

Now I decided to create also a simple website. I want to share here part of my work for free to let everyone use it and enjoy it.

I like simple and beautiful things. I believe that the things we use should have as many features as are needed to use them, no more. And that belief translates into what my products look like. I hope you will enjoy them as we are.


Hi, my name is Dorota.

I am a mother of two wonderful children. I’ve always created things and adapted existing ones to myself. The days are filled mainly with children, but in my spare time, I am happy to break away from it and create, design, and plan to implement new ideas.

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I’m adding new posts with new free worksheets to download weekly (usually every Monday). I am also adding products to my Etsy store once in a while.

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