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I Work Hard to Create Beautiful, User-Friendly, and Engaging Worksheets for Kids, Teens, and Adults

I specialize in creating printable worksheets and workbooks for handwriting practice, designed to be user-friendly and engaging for kids, teens, and adults. My worksheets help young children find the right lines with features like a thick black bottom line and grey backgrounds for better visibility. I focus on making writing less stressful and more enjoyable. One of my top products for preschoolers is the traceable calendar, which not only aids in practicing writing numbers but also teaches months, planning, and organization skills. Please explore my website for free worksheets and visit my stores on Etsy, TpT, and Amazon for more beautiful, effective learning tools.

Story of IndustriousMom

It all started during the lockdown with homeschooling my kids. I created the first worksheets for my daughter, who loved cursive writing and wanted to trace her name and favorite stories like Cinderella. Seeing her enthusiasm, I designed cursive alphabet tracing pages to help her improve.

My son, then four and a half, wanted personalized worksheets too, so I created block letter worksheets for him. As he struggled with writing, I noticed he needed more guidance. To help him, I added features like a thick bottom line, starting dots, and gray backgrounds to make writing easier and less stressful. These aids made a significant difference, and over time, I developed more tools to support his learning.

Now, my son is nine and has been diagnosed with dysgraphia. While he still faces challenges, the specialized worksheets have greatly improved his writing.

Although my kids no longer need these worksheets, my passion for creating them has grown. I’ve continued to design cursive and neat handwriting pages, even for my own enjoyment, finding relaxation in beautiful handwriting. This journey has been about supporting my children and discovering a love for creating educational resources.

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The Beginning of My Etsy Journey

This was the beginning of my Etsy store. It all started with a passion for creating engaging, educational worksheets. Explore my store to find a variety of resources designed to make learning fun and effective for kids of all ages.

I like simple and beautiful things. I believe that the things we use should have as many features as are needed to use them, no more. And that belief translates into what my products look like. I hope you will enjoy them as we are.

Hi, my name is Dorota.

I am a mother of two wonderful children. I’ve always created things and adapted existing ones to myself. The days are filled mainly with children, but in my spare time, I am happy to break away from it and create, design, and plan to implement new ideas.

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How To Stay Updated?

If you decide to check out my social media accounts, you’ll see I’m not a social media master. I focus on sharing updates whenever I add new products to my stores or post new worksheets on my website. If you like what I create and want to stay updated, follow me on social media to receive notifications about my latest creations.

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