Free Monthly Traceable Calendar for the 2023 Year for Kids

November 2021 and December 2021 free traceable calendar for kids subscribe to get it for free
Traceable calendar for kids (you will get a calendar for the current month, the picture is just to show you what it will look like)


How to find the free calendar in your inbox?

Most email inboxes place an email with a calendar in a folder with offers, so to find it, remember to search in your inbox for an email from

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You can buy this calendar in my Etsy or TpT store. It usually costs $2.50 (once per month somewhere in the middle of the month there is a 20% sale in both stores) for the calendar for the whole year. Right now you can buy calendars for the 2023 year.


Get a monthly link to a free traceable calendar for kids.

In the first email, you will get a link to the calendar for the current month.

Traceable Calendar

for Preschoolers

The calendar for the next month will be sent to you monthly via email.

This calendar is created for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids. This printable calendar helps in teaching your child the name of months, counting days, writing, and planning time.

You can use it at home for homeschooling or in preschool for the whole class. But you cannot resell it.

Use this printable calendar to teach children about months, days, holidays, and special occasions in your family life.

How To Use This Calendar For Kids?

  1. After subscribing to the newsletter, check your inbox for an email from
  2. The link to the file is in the email.
  3. Print calendar for current or upcoming months.
  4. Make a small lesson for your child about the calendar. Tell me what is a month, week, or day.
  5. Explain how the calendar table works.
  6. Talk with your child about important events that will come this month and about the weekly routine (Socer, Ballet, Dance, and other activities).
  7. Ask your child to trace the days and names of the month.
  8. Help your child to find dates that are important and let him mark them. My son didn’t know how to write and read so he drew pictures on the calendar. He always knew what the picture meant.
  9. Put the calendar on the wall. We like to draw a picture or color a page about the month and glue both pages vertically on bigger paper.
One of the first calendars my son made.
Kids making wall calendars. The page with a calendar has big traceable numbers with are easy to trace.
Calendar for kids with pictures and traceable numbers.
Monthly calendar for preschooler and kindergartener with traceable numbers
November 2021 Traceable Calendar made by my son.
Handwriting practice by tracing numbers of the printable calendar for kids.
Calendar for November 2021, writing numbers of the days.

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