Free Monthly Traceable Kids Calendar for the 2024 Year

The story of this kids calendar began in 2020 when I homeschooled my kids due to widespread closures of schools and preschools. At that time, my son, a preschooler, was always impatient and constantly asked questions like “Mommy, how much time until my birthday?” or “Mommy, when will it be Sunday?”. He was also interested in writing but not yet ready to do it independently. One day, I drew a table and, using our traceable number stamps from Lakeshore, created the first calendar for him. It was a big hit! He enjoyed it and was eager to learn how to answer his own questions.

From that moment, I created several calendars, adding variations to the layouts, but one aspect remains unchanged.

This calendar is versatile and can be used by teachers in the classroom or parents at home, depending on what you want to teach your child. Here’s a list of what I’ve used it for:

  • Teaching days of the week.
  • Teaching about seasons.
  • Teaching counting.
  • Keeping track of the time by crossing one day every morning.
  • Basic planning when we were marking important dates and plans on it.
  • Handwriting practice numbers and letters.
  • Counting how many days till…

How to get this monthly traceable calendar for kids?

There are two ways to obtain it; the choice is yours.

1 – Downolad Free Kids Calendar Every Month

  • Visit my website monthly and click the button to download the calendar for the upcoming month.
  • I will update a new free kids calendar every last Monday of the current month.
  • Follow me on Facebook (preferred for clickable links) or Instagram for posts about calendar updates.

2 – Buy the Calendar for the Whole Year

  • Purchase the calendar on my Etsy or TpT store for $2.50 (with a 20% discount once per month).
  • Calendars for the 2024 year are currently available.


Traceable Calendar for Preschoolers

This calendar is designed for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids. It aids in teaching the names of months, counting days, writing, and planning time. Use it at home for homeschooling or in preschool for the whole class, but do not resell it.

How to use this calendar step by step:

  1. Conduct a small lesson about the calendar, explaining what a month, week, or day is.
  2. Explain how the calendar table works.
  3. Discuss important events for the month and the weekly routine.
  4. Ask your child to trace the days and names of the month.
  5. Help your child find and mark important dates.
  6. Put the calendar on the wall, you can add coloring a page about the month and glue both pages vertically on a larger sheet.
One of the first calendars my son made.
Kids making wall calendars. The page with a calendar has big traceable numbers with are easy to trace.
Calendar for kids with pictures and traceable numbers.
Monthly calendar for preschooler and kindergartener with traceable numbers
November 2021 Traceable Calendar made by my son.
Calendar for November 2021, writing numbers of the days.

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