Books Made for Handwriting Practice

I create printable worksheets, calendars, pages, lined writing paper, and also books (since February 2022). On this website, I share with you all free worksheets mostly made for handwriting practice. You can download them any time and use them at school, or with your child.

Amazon is a new territory for me. A lot of learning there for me, but because I like to explore, there will be more products available with time.

I created books with lined writing paper for kids to help them with handwriting practice.

Lined writing paper for kindergarteners

I have two kids, I created these books with them in my mind.

My daughter began writing when she was four years old. By the time she was five, she was writing booklets. However, there were two things that caused her a lot of frustration:

  • Having too many lines on one page of the paper. Although she was writing, she was still only five and wasn’t able to fill many lines, especially if she wanted to write more than one page.
  • Starting a new line in the wrong place. This was a difficult challenge for her. She would write a lot already and then realize something was wrong. It was not easy to explain to her that it was okay and that she would do better next time.
Lined writing paper. Six one-inch wide lines for writing. The gray background of the page and the white background of the lines. Black wide line on the bottom of each line.
Lined Writing Paper with Gray Background
Lined writing paper. There are three one-inch wide lines for writing on the page and a big white box for drawing. The gray background of the page and the white background of the lines. Black wide line on the bottom of each line.

And then there is my son, who is seven years old. He is always on the go and doesn’t have time for anything. However, for him, the gray background is easy to read and provides clear information on where to write. He doesn’t have much patience for long writing, but he enjoys seeing how much he has written by counting the number of pages with writing, not just the number of letters on each page. So, I created a draw-and-write paper for him, where each page has some writing and plenty of space for drawing.

You can buy a book with lined writing paper on Amazon

With both of my children in mind, I came up with an idea to create a writing paper with a gray background on the page and a white background for where they should write and draw. However, it couldn’t be printable writing paper, because, after testing, I found that printer paper does not handle a lot of ink well.

cover of a low content book with title kindergarten lined writing paper 1 inch
Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper
Preschool draws and writes a paper with space for big letters. Cover of the book.
Preschool Draw and Write Paper

This is how my son is working with this book

This is how my son is using his draw-and-write lined paper

This book is designed to help with handwriting practice.

  • It features wide line spacing (1 inch) to make it easier for kids to write big letters.
  • A black bottom line marks the starting point of a new line.
  • The gray background of the pages provides clear guidance on where to begin writing a new line.
  • Each page has 6 lines.
  • The book contains 100 pages, just enough for beginner writers to practice handwriting.
  • Measuring 8.5 x 11 inches, the large size provides plenty of space for writing.
  • Made in the USA
  • This book includes a traceable alphabet at the beginning of the notebook.

The Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper is not only perfect for young learners but also ideal for children with dysgraphia. Writing can be a struggle for kids with dysgraphia, as they often have difficulty with fine motor skills and spatial awareness. The 1-inch space between lines and the black bottom line to indicate where to start writing makes it easy for them to guide their writing and improve their penmanship. The gray and white background of the lines provides a clear distinction between the lines, making it easy for them to find where to write letters. These features help children with dysgraphia to focus on the task of writing and reduce the frustration that often comes with writing. This writing paper is a great tool for teachers and parents to support children with dysgraphia in developing their writing skills.