Autumn Tracing Worksheets for Kids

Join 7 Days long tracing challenge, and practice daily handwriting with autumn tracing worksheets made for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade. This challenge features block letter tracing worksheets perfect for kindergarten and 1st-grade students. The worksheets are designed to be simple and easy to trace, with big font and words inspired by the autumn season. With a new worksheet added daily, including weekends, there will be a total of 7 worksheets to download. This challenge follows up on our previous cursive tracing challenge for kids, which was inspired by summer. This time, I wanted to bring in the colors, smells, and weather of autumn, even if it doesn’t look like it outside yet. Get started now and help your kids improve their writing skills while celebrating the autumn season.

Autumn colors 🙂
My son rakes leave.

Autumn Tracing Worksheets – Challenge Rules

  • There will be 7 worksheets to download in this challenge.
  • All words and sentences to trace will be inspired by autumn.
  • There will be block letter font used in the worksheets.
  • New worksheets will be added daily.
  • It is made for kindergarten-age and 1st grades kids, so words will be simple and a big font easy to trace.

Day 1 – Trace Colors of The Autumn Worksheet.

Simple one-page worksheet with traceable words red, orange, yellow, green, and brown. Under each traceable word, there is an empty line, your child can try to rewrite traced word in it. If your child likes to color also, he can color pictures with leaves, a pumpkin, an acorn, and an apple.

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Day 2 – Traceable Words with Autumn Fruits Worksheet

Does your child asked about autumn fruits will also tell only “Pumpkin!”? It is Day 2 of our mini-challenge, and for today I decided to prepare an autumn fruits list. Somehow my kids do not connect the idea of autumn fruits. They think all fruits are summer products. So today with this worksheet I give also you the possibility to show them the list of autumns products. In this worksheet, you will find words apples, cranberries, figs, grapes, pears to trace. Click the button below to download a pdf file.

Download free tracing words worksheets for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids. This includes 7 printable pages with words and sentences inspired by autumn. Autumn worksheets.
Traceable words for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids.

Day 3 – Tracing Words Worksheet PDF File with One Sentence to Trace.

Today’s tracing words worksheet does not have single words to trace but one sentence I come with. Simply inspired by autumn words about falling leaves, wind, and autumn. Your child should trace a sentence and rewrite it in empty lines. Red and blue lines help to find the right place to start writing so it should be enough if you explain that the red line is a bottom one.

Download free tracing words worksheets made for kindergarten-age kids. Simple block letter tracing words inspired by autumn. Leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, autumn is coming.
Free tracing words worksheets pdf file.

Day 4 – Today You Can Download Tracing Vegetable Names

There are tracing words like beets, cabbage, pumpkin, squash, and carrots. Each word should be traced and then rewritten in a new line. Click on the button below to download this worksheet.

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Block letters words to trace carrots, squash, pumpkin, cabbage, beets. Free printable worksheets for kindergarten and elementary 1st grade.
Trace words and rewrite them.

Day 5 – Tracing Sentence “What to wear when it is raining?”

It is almost the end of this challenge. Autumn in the Seattle area where we leave is mostly rainy. This is why in today’s printable you will find the sentence “What to wear when it is raining?” and the words rain boots, raincoat, and a scarf to trace and rewrite.

Tracing sentence "What to wear when it is raining?" and words rain boots, raincoat, and a scarf. Printable autumn writing worksheets for kids.
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Day 6 – Tracing autumn weather words

The weather in fall can be described in many words. We have sunny days almost like in summer. There are also days when you need an extra layer to fill warm outside. Today you can print a worksheet with adjectives that describe autumn weather.

Download free tracing words worksheets for kindergarten and 1-st grade. There are words "Autumn weather can be windy, cloudy, rainy, chilly, and sunny" to trace in this worksheet.
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Day 7 – What can be fun in Autumn?

It is the last worksheet from this challenge. This worksheet is about what is fun in autumn. Click on the button below and download it, print it. I hope your child will like it. If he does, consider writing a comment :).

Tracing words Autumn is fun. Halloween, corn maze, Thanksgiving, Hay Bale Maze. Free printable PDF worksheet.
Free worksheets with tracing block letters for kids.

Looking For More Free Tracing Worksheets for Your Child?

For kids who are starting to write and count, I have free numbers 0 to 10 tracing pages. Kindergarteners can practice writing skills with number tracing and alphabet tracing worksheets.

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