Free Writing Numbers 0-10 Worksheets for Preschoolers

Today, I have decided to share a set of simple free number writing worksheets for preschoolers. My son used to make these types of worksheets when he was around 4 years old. It was called “My Number Book,” where he would trace numbers from 0 to 10 and create a booklet out of them. I remember how proud he was of his work each time he completed one. So, inspired by this memory, I have created a similar set of worksheets, titled “I Can Write Numbers 0-10.”

How to use this free writing numbers worksheets for preschoolers?

Download a PDF file with “I can write numbers 0-10” .

Before printing, decide how big a booklet you want your child makes. In my opinion, the best is to print it with the printer setting “two pages on one page”. This way you will get not too big and not too small pages. But it is your decision, set the right printer setting and print the right size.

Cut pages. So, if you decided to print two pages on one sheet of paper, you have to cut them in half.

Now decide how you want your child to work with it. You can staple all pages together (on the top side of the paper). Your child can write outlined numbers and trace each word to finish this worksheet. Another way to work with these worksheets is to cut them so each page is just one number. Give them not sorted for your child. Let him work with each page separately, and when he is done, traced all words and write all numbers you can let him sort them from 0 to 10 and then use a stapler to create the “I can write numbers 0-10” booklet.

How your child should fill each page?

  1. Use crayons to write the number inside the big, outlined number. The best is to use 4 different colors. Write numbers from dot to dot.
  2. Use a pencil to trace letters and write words for numbers.
  3. Use dot-to-dot marker or crayon or finger painting or playdough to fill the right number of circles for each number.
  4. Trace letters and write the title and author name for the cover page.
Free Writing Numbers Worksheets for Preschoolers filling outlined number number three
1. Filling outlined number three
Free Writing Numbers Worksheets for Preschoolers tracing word three
2. Tracing word three
Free Writing Numbers Worksheets for Preschoolers counting dots for number three
3. Counting dots for number three

These printable writing numbers worksheets are made for preschool-age kids. So there is not much tracing, nut much writing, but there is satisfaction from creating a finished booklet that can be read by your child. And this is a goal for this age. To make them interested in writing letters and numbers and more important in using these skills to write.

If you feel your child can trace even more, I think you can check other free worksheets with writing and tracing numbers on this blog. For kindergarteners, you can download the alphabet tracing worksheets, with a little more difficult to trace for a preschooler but can be fun for kindergartener 🙂

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