Free Traceable Alphabet – Kindergarten and Elementary Worksheets

Today, I want to share with you a traceable alphabet that I created for my kids some time ago. I prefer simple solutions, and I think this traceable alphabet fits that criterion. For older kids, I would typically fill a whole page with letters, but this traceable alphabet is designed for younger children who are not yet ready to tackle a whole page of letters. If your child is like mine, you know what I mean ;).

My son likes to write, but when I initially gave him a whole page of letters, he resisted and cried that it was too much to write. So I started giving him pages for younger children that I found, but I didn’t like them as they did not have enough letters to trace. This traceable alphabet is the solution that I came up with to accommodate both our needs and preferences.

What will you find in this free traceable alphabet?

Each page contains capital and lowercase traceable letters.

Free Traceable Alphabet Block Letters for Kindergarten Letter A.

On each page, you will find letters outlined, which your child can color or fill with colored lines as if writing them. I wanted the letters of the alphabet to be easy to trace, so I chose the gray color of the font. Finally, I used a simple school block letter font.

Free Traceable Alphabet for Kindergarten and Elementary Handwriting
Outlined letters can be colored or filled with lines.
Arrows for each new line guide how to trace letters.

The arrows at the first letter of each line show how to write the letter correctly.

This traceable alphabet, in my opinion, is just right for children in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

My 6-year-old son is doing well with this letter size. The horizontal layout of the page is my way to fit more letters on the page and make it more convenient to write them. 

The format of the file is pdf. The size of the pages is US American Letters. When printing, make sure that the margins match the printable area and that everything should fit. 

Ways to Practice Handwriting

Handwriting practice can be done in various ways. For example, through play, such as when playing post office and sending letters, or by drawing a line or curve for the child to complete to make a letter.

You can also practice writing with worksheets like the ones with alphabet letters to trace. Download my free printable lined paper with a highlighted bottom line and practice story writing, spelling, and rewriting letters.

If you want your child to practice number tracing in a fun way, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter to receive a traceable calendar delivered monthly via email. Kids really enjoy it! If you like the idea of the calendar but don’t want to sign up for the newsletter, there’s an alternative for you, you can purchase it on my Etsy and Teacher Pay Teacher store.

Free name writing worksheets with 7 printable pages. There are pages with tracing, writing, and coloring all to make handwriting name more interesting for kids.
Name tracing worksheets

Another fun way for kids to practice handwriting is by tracing their names. I am creating an ultimate list of free name-tracing worksheets that can be downloaded by anyone who finds this page. I hope you will find this idea beneficial and assist me in building the list. The importance of teaching a child how to write their name is something that you are likely already aware of.

Free Traceable Alphabet – Share it!

Free Traceable Alphabet for Kindergarten and Elementary
Free Traceable Alphabet Block Letters

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