Mother’s Day Cards DIY for Kids with Traceable Letters

I am not sure if it is a rule, but in my experience, Mother’s Day cards made by my kids were often rushed and not given much attention. I realized that if I didn’t take action, they would not learn to make something special for me. About three years ago, I was having a weekly meeting with two other moms and while we were meeting, I made some preschool-like activities, one of which was crafts. This was when I decided to make kids crafts with a Mother’s Day theme for the first time. I prepared cardboard picture frames at that time.

Now that I have a six-year-old at home who is interested in writing short letters and notes, I thought about creating a Mother’s Day card that can be traced. I am not sure which text is better for you, so there are two versions of it “I love you mom” and “Happy Mother’s Day”. At the bottom of the card, you will find a space to write the name of the person who made the card.

Mother’s day pop-up card for kids.

My idea of filling an empty space above wishes is to create a popup heart or tulip for mom. They are super easy to create and look nice after done.

How to Make a pop-up Mother’s Day Card with Kindergarteners?

Print the template for the front rainbow hearts. Let your child color each heart in a different color. When all hearts are colorful, cut each of them. Glue hearts together from the bigger to the smallest.

Rainbow hearts for mother's day card for kindergartener
Frontpage after gluing all hearts together.

Print wishes on the color page (if you do not have color paper for the printer you can use white printer paper). Let your child trace letters with wishes and sign the card. My son chooses the “I love you Mom” version of the wishes.

I love you Mom traceable wishes for kids
I love you Mom – traceable wishes.

Fold the card with wishes in half and glue prepared earlier rainbow hearts in front of it. Now it is time to prepare a pop-up inside of a Mother’s Day card.

My son wanted to fill the card with hearts, so I printed heart filling on two pages. Let your child decide how many he is willing to color and cut, but 3 elements are a minimum. My son decided, he will use four hearts. He colored them and cut each of them.

Coloring hearts for popup effect inside mother's day card
Coloring hearts for popup hearts.

Now each element (heart, or tulip) fold in a half-colored side inside. Glue-fitting elements together so you will get the foldable book. Finally, glue it inside the card.

Cut and folded in half hearts for popup effect in the mother's day card
Cut and folded in half hearts for popup hearts in the Mother’s Day card.

You can choose hearts or tulips. The idea of a popup is the same for both of them. And this is how the card is looking at the end.

Mother's Day card with popup effect made by a kindergartener. Traceable wishes I love you, Mom.
Popup card in Mother’s Day Card

Click the button below to download all files for this pop-up Mother’s Day Card. If you will like what your child will create, please share it on Instagram with the mention @industrious_mom or simply share the picture of the card from this post on Pinterest.

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