Free Printable Kindergarten Writing Paper

I created this free kindergarten writing paper with highlighted lines for my daughter when she became more interested in writing stories. I noticed that she had difficulty finding the right line to start writing on regular lined paper. Also, most regular lined papers I found required to put smaller letters, and she was writing BIG letters, sometimes one word was in one line :). So, because I know how to use graphic programs like GIMP, I decided to create this printable writing paper to help her overcome these challenges.

The writing paper has a horizontal layout, which allowed her to put more words in one line. The highlighted bottom line in each row helped her find the right place to start writing, reducing frustration and eliminating the common mistake of starting a new line in the wrong place.

Save It – Free Printable Writing Paper for Kids

Kindergarten Writing Paper – What You Will Get After Download?

This free printable writing paper includes two pages.

The first page is a simple lined paper with the highlighted bottom line, which can be used for taking notes, repeating letters to practice handwriting, writing stories, or learning to write a name.

    two printable pages. First with lines from top to the bottom and second with an empty space for drawing. Great for creating beautiful stories! Click to get it for free.
    Lined paper – first page

    The second page includes an empty space for drawing, which is great for creating colorful pictures and describing stories. You can print this writing paper in color or black and white.

    Two free pdf pages with printable writing paper for kids in Kindergarten and Elementary
    Story writing paper with space for drawing

    Why it is Important to Practice Handwriting

    Daily handwriting practice is essential for children to improve their fine motor skills. By practicing handwriting regularly, children develop the muscle control and coordination needed for writing. Printable worksheets, such as alphabet letter tracing and word and sentence tracing, are a great way to provide children with daily handwriting practice. You can also provide handwriting practice by writing a letter or word at the beginning of a line and having the child rewrite it. This not only improves writing legibility over time, but also helps to build a child’s confidence in their writing abilities.

    I also created a kindergarten writing paper with 1 inch lines that is available for purchase on Amazon. This writing paper is perfect for children who are just starting to practice their handwriting. It provides them with a clear and easy-to-follow guide for each letter and word they write, making it easier for them to stay within the lines and improve their writing legibility.

    cover of a low content book with title kindergarten lined writing paper 1 inch

    Download Kindergarten Writing Paper

    This file of kindergarten writing paper is free to use for homeschooling purposes and in the classroom. However, it cannot be resold or shared as if it were created by you. To download the file from Google Drive, please click on the button below.

    Kindergarten lined paper includes two landscape-oriented pages with a highlighted bottom line

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