Create a Mother’s Day Fold-Up Book “All About My Mom”

Today, I want to share with you a simple Mother’s Day present that your child can make for you. If your child is in preschool, you may have received a one-page worksheet called “All About My Mom” where your child answered questions about you. The printable I am sharing with you today is inspired by that worksheet. However, with this printable, you will receive a “All About My Mom” fold-up booklet made by your child, colored and filled with answers about you.

In my opinion, this Mother’s Day craft is perfect for preschool and kindergarten-age kids who may not have developed their writing skills yet but can trace letters or write them when prompted with a letter they should write. For older kids, you can print an empty template without questions so they can create the booklet on their own.

What you need to create this “All About My Mom” book?

To make this project, you will need a printer, pencil, markers or crayons, and scissors. Two templates are provided – one with pre-written questions and one with blank frames for older children to create their own book.

This project is super easy and jet effective and looks really nice after done.

Mother’s Day “All About My Mom” Fold-up book free template

Step by step how to create “All About My Mom” book

To begin, download and print the template of your choice.

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Have your child color in the images and answer the questions. If your child does not yet know how to write, you can make dots for them to trace.

My idea how to fill each page

  • My Mom – draw Mom’s portrait in the frame.
  • My mom’s name is – write first name and color lives.
  • My mom loves to – write what she loves, then color flowers.
  • My mom’s favorite color is – color inside of the frame in mom’s favorite color and color flowers on the frame.
  • My mom loves me – color flowers.
  • Me and my mom – draw portraits of mom and a child.
  • I love you MOM – color hearts.
All about my mom fold-up book after coloring
All about my mom fold-up book after coloring

Time to Fold “All About My Mom” Booklet

  1. Fold paper on half as on the picture below. Then fold it half again. Your page will be now a long rectangle.
Step by step creating "All about my mom" fold-up book
Step 1, 2, 3, 4

2. Now fold this rectangle on half in the middle along the long side.

3. Unfold everything. Fold the paper on half along long side.

4. Cut it as it is showed on the picture. It is important to cut till folding line (see the picture above).

5. Now unfold everything and fold again lengthwise, and accordion fold into book.

Step by step how to create fold-up book for mothers day
Step 5

Your book is ready 🙂

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