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Cursive practice isn’t just for school-age kids and teens; it’s a relaxing and enjoyable activity even for adults. When I trace letters in cursive, I find it to be a moment of calm focus. For younger learners, it’s a wonderful way to delve into cursive writing, shaping their understanding of letter formation and perhaps even influencing how they want to craft their signature—each stroke uniquely beautiful.

On this blog, you’ll discover a wide range of handwriting practice worksheets, featuring both block letters and cursive script. Today, for a second time on this blog I’m excited to share cursive practice pages tailored for school-age kids, teens, and adults. The letter size is approximately 1cm, striking a balance between readability and elegance. In the previous post, I shared cursive practice worksheets about tulips. Let me know if you want me to create more worksheets tailored for teens and adults! I will be happy to make them 🙂

I enjoy having something intriguing to trace. It’s even better when we can pick up new knowledge while tracing. I like to learn so if I can combine two learning experiences – cursive handwriting and gaining interesting facts – in one set of pages, I always go for it.

In my recent blog series, the focus has been on the ocean. Researching and creating content for these posts brought a lot of ideas for new worksheets. What started as one idea eventually blossomed into four unique blog posts, all centered around the vast world of oceans. And yet, it’s just a fraction of the immense knowledge out there.

One of these ideas led to a post about fascinating ocean facts—information that many of us might not be familiar with.

Cursive practice for adults and teens – sentences in to trace

  • There are five oceans on Earth: Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic, and Pacific.
  • The Pacific Ocean is the largest covering more than 60 million square miles.
  • The Mariana Trench in the Pacific is the deepest part of the world’s oceans, plunging down about 36,070 feet.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an underwater mountain range that stretches across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Earth when measured from its base on the ocean floor. It stands about 33,500 feet (10,210 meters) tall. This makes it the tallest mountain on Earth.
  • The ‘Ring of Fire’ is a region in the Pacific Ocean known for its high volcanic activity.
  • The Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea is the world’s largest coral reef system.
  • The blue whale, found in various oceans, is the largest animal on Earth.
  • Albatrosses are birds known for their long oceanic flights, sometimes covering thousands of miles without landing.
  • The deepest recorded dive by a manned submarine is the DSV Limiting Factor, which reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench at 36,070 feet (10,972 meters) in 2019.

All these sentences are written in cursive across four pages, designed for easy and engaging cursive handwriting practice. The letter size is suitable for everyone from 3rd grade and up.

If you’re eager to embark on a cursive writing journey, starting from alphabet letters to words and gradually progressing to sentences, I invite you to explore my Etsy shop. You can even use the coupon code WEBSITE20 to enjoy a 20% discount.

Printable workbook with traditional cursive

As you can see, I’ve begun to share handwriting practice worksheets designed for teenagers and adults on this blog. I plan to create more files suitable for anyone who can trace 1cm high letters. There will always be something new to learn as you practice cursive handwriting. Currently, I don’t have a newsletter specifically dedicated to cursive practice for adults and teens. However, if you want to stay informed about new blog posts, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, where I regularly share updates and information about new content.

Free Cursive Worksheets for teens and adults with fun facts about ocean.

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