Free Number Tracing Worksheet pdf file for 1st Grade and Kindergarten

Today, I want to share a printable number tracing worksheet pdf file made for a 6-year-old child (for my son). I created it spontaneously when I noticed that my son had forgotten how to write numbers correctly. He was working on one of his addition worksheets and I saw that he was writing rotated numbers, mirrored numbers, 8s that looked like 0s, and so on. The worst part was that he was writing them incorrectly, starting from the bottom.

This is the main reason why I created this printable number tracing worksheet.

What will you find in this free number tracing worksheet?

  • The numbers are written in block letter font with is easy to trace.
  • The font size is smaller than in my alphabet tracing worksheets, in my opinion, it is the right font size for 1st-grade kids and older kindergarteners.
  • This number tracing worksheet is good to practice good habits in writing.
  • There is a dot on each number to trace. The dot indicates where you should start writing the number.
  • In my opinion, there are just enough numbers to trace on each worksheet for 6 years old child. He will not get bored because it is too much, and he will not cry that it is too much.
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With that in my mind, I created two printable pdf worksheets with numbers 0 to 10 tracing. On the first page, you will find rows filled with traceable numbers from 0 to 10. Each number is in a new row. On each number, you will find a black dot. As I mentioned before, the purpose of the dot is to indicate where you should start tracing a number.

Tracing numbers 0 to 10 for kindergarten and 1st grade. Free tracing worksheets. Dots on each number indicates where you should start tracing the number.
PDF number tracing worksheet.

On the second page, you will find three traceable numbers in each row and black dots to show where your child should start tracing. This pdf will look like that.

Number tracing worksheet with a black dot. Numbers 0 to 10.
Number tracing worksheet with black dots.

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Child tracing numbers
Trace number the first worksheet.
Tracing numbers 0 to 10 by a child
Number tracing the second worksheet.

See how my son was working with these printable.

He started with the first worksheet. He was following arrows. Each number he started to write from a dot.

Version number 1 of the second worksheet didn’t have dots but I saw he needs them to understand where to start writing the number.

I hope you like these printable. If you do, let me know by writing a comment, or sharing this website with others :). If you want to practice more writing numbers with your child, you might be interested in my printable calendar with traceable numbers.

Download the free kids’ calendar

This calendar is designed for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids. It aids in teaching the names of months, counting days, writing, and planning time. Use it at home for homeschooling or in preschool for the whole class, but do not resell it.

You can download it for free from this page >> Free Printable Calendar for Preschoolers – industriousmom

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