Free Printable Calendar for Preschoolers

Today, I want to share with you a free printable calendar for preschoolers and kindergarteners. I came up with the idea for this calendar about a year ago, as with most of my projects, it was made for my kids first. The purpose of this traceable calendar was to have something where I could mark important dates that weren’t part of our weekly routine. I felt my kids needed something where they could look and answer questions like “How many days until my birthday? How many days until vacation? When will we go to the zoo? How many days until the weekend?”. The moment we started making it, I realized it was a good idea. Not only could they now keep track of days until something they were waiting for, but they could also cross off days that were in the past and understand what day we have now. They connected days, weeks, and months to the big idea of a year. It didn’t happen suddenly, it took time.

It was always important for me to help my kids understand what will happen, when something will happen, and what is planned. I made a weekly calendar for both of them when they went to preschool. This is how they started to learn about weeks and days.

The first step was a weekly calendar that we used to keep track of our routine.

My daughter was about 3 years old when we began working on her calendar, and my son was a little younger (he just wanted to make his own calendar like his sister). I started with a weekly calendar for my daughter, drawing it on a large piece of paper, with each day having a different color to help us discuss the days by color rather than just by name. It was important for me to let her know that it was her calendar, so I glued some pictures of her onto it, and signed it with her name. I laminated the calendar, so it become our dry erase weekly planner, and we used it to mark all important events happening that week. We used a simple foam sticker to mark the day, and every morning we would move the sticker to the new day. I would point to the day’s name and say what day it was, then we would check what was happening that day. We still have this calendar, and even though I don’t point at it anymore, she knows perfectly well which day of the week it is, and what will happen that day. She still likes to use it for planning.

Step by step from weekly planner to monthly calendar for preschooler

It was important for me to show my kids the concept of how days move from one to another, that there are seven days in a week and that a month has more than four weeks.

With time, my daughter weekly calendar became a place where we marked all repeating activities, such as swimming, ballet, mommy going out, and cleaning the house. In the monthly calendar, she marked all important events coming up that month. We started to make a monthly calendar, which was hung close to the weekly calendar.

After some time, I saw my preschooler start to understand the concept of a calendar and I was very proud of her. In the monthly calendar, she got a bigger perspective and started to see that a month is made up of several weeks. And if an event she was waiting for was more than a week away, she could count the days on the big calendar.

How can a preschooler use his calendar?

We are flying to Poland this year for the summer. The flight is on June 20th. For a long time, I’ve been hearing questions like “Mom, how many days until…”. And because it was too soon to create a calendar for June, I was patiently answering “Let’s count, we have 20 days left in May and 20 more in June, so how many will that be?”. But now June is here and we can make a calendar. Kids will mark the date June 20th in it and each day they will cross out one day to actually see when the flight is.

The calendar for a preschooler can be used to mark special days.

  • Birthdays.
  • Holidays, Christmas, and other days you celebrate.
  • If you have more than one child, and children do something in turn, e.g., vacuuming, then in the calendar, the first letter of the name can be indicated who on which day is obliged to do it.
  • Special days in school, e.g., in my son’s preschool on Wednesday there is a special letter day, kids should bring an item starting with that letter this day, we mark letters in the calendar so he can prepare.

As you see, you can put in the calendar everything that is important, and you want your child to remember.

You might think my child is too small. It is possible. You are the mother, and no one knows your child better. But one thing you should know, your child does not have to know how to write and read to start creating his own calendar. A preschooler can learn the calendar if you let him draw important events and let him learn word recognition.

Free blank printable calendar for preschoolers

A universal blank printable calendar for preschoolers who knows how to count numbers and write them. It is a simple table, write the name of the month and show your child where to start to write number one, and let him count and write as many as there is a number of days in the month.

Free traceable monthly calendar for preschoolers

The calendar is free if you sign up for a newsletter. I send it once per month via email. This calendar includes traceable numbers and letters for the name of the month. In the first email, you will receive access to the calendar for the current month. I will send you an email with a link to the calendar for the next month each month. Print it out, have your child trace the name of the month and numbers, color it in, mark important days, and enjoy.

If you don’t want to sign up for a newsletter but still want to have access to this calendar, you can purchase it in my Etsy store. I create calendars for the school year (from July to June) and yearly calendars (from January to December). You can view them all in my Etsy store or on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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