Cursive Summer Tracing Words Challenge

For the last two weeks, I was thinking about an idea of what to do for the summer. And then I come with this cursive tracing words summer writing challenge. My daughter likes to learn cursive, I have a font that can be used for that, so everything that can be needed we have. I do not want to make this super long work, but I want her to have daily one printable page with words, sentences to trace and repeat. I hope she will like it :).

Today I decided to use summer words like summer, vacation, beach, swimming, water.

How this Cursive Summer Tracing Challenge will look like?

  • Once per day I will add one page to download from this page.
  • Pages will be added between Monday and Friday.
  • There will be usually one printable page with cursive words or sentences to trace.
  • You can help me and post a comment if you have an idea for a word or sentence to trace.
  • My plan is to create tracing pages for July so there will be 21 pages to trace on the end to download for free.
  • I do not have jet any newsletter connected with my blog, so for now you will have to check this website or my Pinterest profile to see updates.
  • I will use a traceable font, gray color and I will make letters big so it will be easier to trace and write.
  • To help you keep track of what you downloaded, I will number all pages and add the number to the description of the link.

Help me make it more fun!

If you have any idea on how this free printable can be better let me know in the comment or use the contact form. I want this to be a fun thing to do, something that she will do because it is interesting and fun not because she should practice. So if you have an idea share it, you have a child, maybe something that is fun for him will be also fun for her 🙂

Download Free Cursive Summer Tracing Pages for Kids.

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Day 2 Summer Quote
Cursive Writing Practice for Kids - Tracing Words Ice Cream Flavors
Tracing words Ice Cream Flavors
Cursive tracing words beach vocabulary
Cursive tracing words plain, car, train, bus.
Free Cursive Handwriting Practice Printables words sandals, shorts, swim gear, shirts.
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Cursive tracing words for kids: summertime, visiting family, having picnics, flying a kite, reading
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Summer Sports Tracing Words Worksheet

Cursive tracing sentence “summer is very funny and also very sunny”.
Summer cursive tracing words camping equipment vocabulary
Cursive tracing words for grade 2 and grade 3
Download free page with cursive tracing names of animals in Yellowstone Park.
Download free page with cursive tracing names of animals in Yellowstone Park.
Summer at the Pool Cursive Tracing for kids
Cursive tracing for grade 2 words house, camper, camping, hotel
Summer cursive writing challenge – where you can sleep?
  • Recently, my children decided to open a lemonade stand. They made advertising posters, banners, and lemonade. I was surprised to see that they had customers and they sold a few glasses. They earned the whole $5 and were very happy. Today, on the 14th day of our challenge, I prepared cursive writing of the lemonade recipe. And did your child ever sell lemonade? 
Lemonade recipe cursive tracing for kids
Lemonade recipe cursive tracing for kids
Kids made a lemonade stand
Kids made lemonade stand.
Cursive tracing words on the boat, anchor, window, wheel, portholes.
Trace and rewrite words
Cursive practice free worksheet. Trace sentence and rewrite it.
Click on the link to download this file.
Cursive practice free worksheet. Trace names of big US aquariums.
Cursive trace for grade 2 and grade 3
  • Two years ago, we visited Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canion parks. Two weeks in the car, sleeping in nearby hotels and motels. The kids were delighted with Yellowstone the most. In Zion, they liked the most the motel where we slept, there was a swimming pool and a playground 🙂 Today’s print is a memory of the parks that we saw at the time. Click to download Day 18 cursive tracing pages.
Free cursive tracing pages with names of the national parks to trace.
Free cursive tracing pages
Zion National Park and a play ground
Download cursive tracing Hawaii islands names
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Cursive tracing words that rhyme with summer
  • It is the last day of this cursive writing challenge for kids. For today I prepared this traceable diploma for your child. In the empty line, he should write his name 🙂
I made it, cursive tracing challenge for kids. Printable diploma.
Click the link above to download this diploma.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge. For me, it was fun to create a new topic and a worksheet almost every day. If you like it and you want to help other parents to find it, share it as a pin on Pinterest 🙂 or simply leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Alphabet Tracing Worksheet
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Addition Worksheet
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My Plan for a Day

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