Free Summer Worksheets Preschool and Kindergarten

I wanted to share with you some free summer worksheets preschool and kindergarten age children that you can use to keep your kids busy on rainy day. Summer is here, and the sun is shining. With more time spent outside than inside, it’s a time of year when kids can focus on things, they’re interested in. My daughter, for example, is very interested in cursive writing, so I’ve created worksheets for her to practice whenever she wants. You can find them in the previous post on this blog. Today’s worksheets are made for my son.

Currently, we’re spending our summer in Poland. While there’s not much formal learning happening, we’re still trying to make the most of our time with family. To avoid crowds, we spend a lot of time outside in our backyard or in places where there aren’t many people. If you’re wondering what kids can do outside, here’s a list of some of the activities my kids enjoy:

  • Cycling every day
  • Playing in a backyard pool
  • Playing “catch me if you can” with colors (the person who’s “it” calls out a color and everyone has to find something that color to avoid being caught)
  • Drawing with chalk and painting with a paintbrush on wet surfaces
  • Playing hide and seek and hopscotch
  • Riding scooters around the house
  • Helping with backyard projects

I don’t want to push my kids to learn too much, since they’ve had a long school year and need time to recharge. However, I also know that I need to be prepared for rainy days. On rainy or cold days, kids tend to want to stay home more than on sunny days. Since we don’t have many toys here, these summer worksheets for preschool and kindergarten can be useful for those occasions. The file is available to download for free. I tried to make these pages more fun than traditional learning activities and they can be used on rainy days.

summer bike ride in Poland
Summer bike ride in Poland

In my previous posts, I shared free alphabet tracing worksheets for kindergarteners to practice tracing the alphabet. You can download these free printable worksheets for your child to use. Additionally, for preschoolers, I have a number tracing and counting workbook available. I believe these worksheets are great for helping young children to start learning how to write.

What will you find in these free summer worksheets preschool and kindergarten?

In this pdf file, you will find 5 printable pages. They are formatted for US Letter size, but you can also print them as A4 by adjusting the properties while printing. These summer-themed worksheets include tracing summer words, simple math exercises, pictures to color by number, and more. It’s a fun and interactive way for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice their handwriting and early math skills.

Preschool summer worksheet – How many can you find?

On the first page of this printable worksheet, you will find simple counting exercises. The illustrations on the page depict summer-related items, and children are asked to count them and write the number of items in the designated spot.

How many can you find summer-related preschool and kindergarten counting worksheet
How many can you find

Simple math worksheet – where is more.

On this page, kids should count the number of items on both sides and mark where there are more elements. I remember when I was in school, they used to say that there was a very hungry alligator who always started eating more elements. His open mouth is a sign < or > depending on where he will start eating first. If there is the same number of elements on both sides, the alligator has his mouth closed =, as he cannot decide, so it looks like that =. Maybe this explanation will help you to explain this worksheet to your child.

simple math summer worksheet with where is more problem
Where is more?

Three more pages to download in this summer preschool printable worksheet for kindergarten.

Summer worksheet with addition for preschool and kindergarten
Write the sums
Summer tracing words sand, bucket, shorts, sun, shovel for kindergarten and preschool
Trace words sand, bucket, shorts, sun, and shovel
Summer worksheet color by number sandcastle for kids in kindergarten and preschool
Color by number – sandcastle

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Use Addition tables to check results

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