Free Math Worksheets for 1st Grade – Addition and Subtraction 1 to 20

I created these math worksheets for 1st grade for my son, who is now 6 and will start school in September. They are made for days when I am tired, he is bored, and asking “What can we do now?”.

Sometimes, I am just tired. I am lazy. There are days when I want my kids (I have two) to leave me in peace. Do you know what I mean? Do you have this feeling sometimes too?

On these days, I do not want to play board games. I do not want to draw a horse. I do not want to build a house. I just don’t want to, and it is okay to feel that way sometimes.

On these days when my kids ask, “What can we do now, mommy?”, I give them math worksheets. Usually, I don’t have them printed. I take a piece of paper and write some math problems. This is not a punishment. I don’t want them to think that. They like arithmetic and solving math problems. When I am having a day where I don’t want to do too much, I tell the kids that I won’t play, and when they ask me what to do, I will give them math worksheets. And you know what? They come anyway and smile when I am writing. They want to challenge themselves and check how much time they need to solve problems or how many are correct.

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Download free math worksheets for 1st grade

Today, I have prepared math worksheets for 1st-grade kids (I believe that kindergarteners should also be able to solve them with the help of materials such as beads). The worksheets include simple arithmetic problems, including addition and subtraction from 1 to 20. The pdf file contains 2 pages that can be downloaded and printed on both letter-size paper and A4. I recommend cutting out two rectangles from each page and keeping them handy for when you need them. Each cut rectangle contains 14 math problems for your child to solve.

These math worksheets for 1st grade can be used on rainy days when you have to stay at home and have nothing to do. They can also be used for quick math revision and on days when you’re feeling lazy, like I often do.

Math Worksheets for 1st Grade Addition Subtraction numbers 1 to 20. Printable pdf file
Page 1 from the pdf file with Math Worksheets for 1st Grade Addition Subtraction

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Are you looking for more math problems for 1st grade and kindergarten age kids?

In my Etsy shop, you can find printable worksheets with addition and subtraction for kids. There are pages with mixed numbers and pages with increasing numbers to add. Each pdf file contains over 100 problems to solve. Most of them are priced at just over $1.

addition table math montessori for preschool
Click to check all worksheets with addition in my Etsy store.
Subtraction math worksheets for 1st grade
Click to check all worksheets with subtraction in my Etsy store.

If you have a child who likes cursive, you can find on this blog free 21 pages with cursive writing for kids. You will find in those files words to trace and sentences to complete. I believe these pages can be used as a fun activity to keep your child occupied while you take some time for yourself.

For kindergarteners, I shared five printable pages with counting, writing, and coloring. Download them for rainy lazy days :).

As usual, I ask you to share my work with others. You can save the picture on your Pinterest board. You can also send a link to this blog to someone you think might like these printable. Thank you!

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