Alphabet Tracing Pages For 1st Grade

Some time ago I discovered a DOT. A small black dot is helping my son in learning how to write letters. The dot placed on each letter shows the exact place where to start tracing. I added the dot to number tracing pages because I saw my son writing numbers in a way I would even not think it is possible to do. So I explained to him how the dot works and I saw he was tracing correctly.

One of the worksheets I am especially proud of is these alphabet tracing pages for 1st grades and these are the reasons for that:

  • Letters are medium size.
  • Each letter has a black dot.
  • One letter per one line.
  • Separate pages for capital letters.
  • Two ways to trace. One version of page has traceable letters in the whole page. Second has in each line three letters and rest of the line has just dots to show where to start writing.

If you think this might be a too difficult alphabet to trace for your child, use the alphabet for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids. The alphabet from this page has more letters to trace and the letters are smaller. In my opinion, it is good to work with 1st-grade kids.

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Free Capital letters alphabet tracing pages
Capital letters alphabet.
Capital letters alphabet with space to rewrite letters.
Capital letters alphabet with space to rewrite letters.
Lowercase letters alphabet tracing pages
Lowercase letters alphabet.

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