Free Traceable Letter to Santa

This traceable letter to Santa can be good to have when there is this time of the year when we send him a letter. My kids are sending their letters in November because Santa needs time to prepare presents and pack them before Christmas :). My kids like to write letters to Santa and draw pictures for Santa in it. When they are done, they put letters on the window before sleep. The next morning they always check did he take letters.

Last year my kids had even an idea to sleep in the living room and wait for an elf. They wanted to see him when he is taking the letters. They give up this idea but come soon with even better, to film him with a hidden camera. They put a letter and a cookie on the chair close to the window and on the next chair they put a camera. The next morning they woke up and watched the video. The video was dark and blurry but for a moment there was visible a small elf taking a cookie and a letter.

It was fun for them to prepare this trap and for me to see their smile the next day :).

I like this time of the year. It is starting in the middle of November. There is magic not only in Santa but in the whole idea of giving, making other smiles. The preparation, planning of the Christmas. Tree decoration. All of this makes me feel warm and happy.

For today I have for you one printable page in two versions. The first one is made for preschool-age and kindergarten-age kids. In this version traceable letter to Santa has block letters font, it is easy to trace for kids. The second page is for older kids who like to write in cursive.

What you will find in this free traceable letter to Santa?

There is a sentence:

My name is ………………………………….
and I am ……. years old.
This year I have been
mostly ……………………………………..
For Christmas this year,
I would really like:

Your child should write his name, age, what he would like from Sana, and how he was this year (nice, naughty, a little bit of nice and naughty). Under the tracing, there is a small frame that gives a space for a drawing for Santa. At the bottom of the letter, there is a space to sign it.

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Free Cursive Traceable Letter to Santa Dear Santa My name is ... I am ... years old. This year I was mostly ... I would like for Christmas ....
This is a cursive tracing letter to Santa
This is a letter to Santa for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade.

Christmas Worksheets Challenge

I made on this blog two challenges so far. The first one was made for my daughter with cursive summer tracing. It is a BIG challenge with 20 worksheets to download. In September I made autumn tracing challenge with block letter font. Check them if you want to see how the challenge made by me can look 🙂

Download free cursive tracing letter to Santa with space for drawing a picture. This is a free traceable page you can download from my website. Click to download this worksheet. Save this pin to share with others. I create printable worksheets for kids, if you would like to see more of my content follow me on Pinterest.
Free Cursive Tracing Letter to Santa

With this post, I’m starting a Christmas Worksheets Challenge 🙂 I have a lot of ideas for coloring, tracing (block letters and cursive). All together there will be 3 posts in this challenge. So if you would like to download these worksheets, check this website for new posts weekly. I post new worksheets when I have time for them, so I cannot say it will be every Tuesday… but I always inform about new worksheets on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest), and via email (you can sign up for a newsletter but remember to add my email to your contacts to not miss any of them).

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