Christmas Tracing Words Challenge

It is this time of the year when all is about Christmas. It is starting just after Thanksgiving and stays for a whole month. I love Christmas. This is my favorite time of the year. The preparations, crafts, cooking, lights, songs, decorations. All of this makes me smile. It is hard to decide what kind of printable I should make for this special time. I realized I have here printables for kids from preschool to early elementary. This is why there will be THREE CHALLENGES at the same time :). So Every day I will add one printable worksheet to each of them. I created a small list of ideas, all together I have 24 worksheets, 8 for each category.

In this post, you will find all worksheets with traceable words and sentences. I will use block letter font with is used in most schools. I want this worksheet to be a fun way to handwriting practice for your child. The size of the letters will be good for kindergarten and early elementary school kids. There is a black DOT on each letter to indicate where to start tracing.

There is a separate post with worksheets for preschool-age kids. You will find in this post worksheets made for younger kids who are starting to practice their handwriting.

Day 1 – Tracing words reindeer, sleigh, elf, Santa, gifts.

Free Printable Christmas Worksheet with Traceable Words

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Looking for other worksheets with traceable letters?

I share on this blog mostly traceable worksheets. If you are looking for a calendar with traceable numbers to start teaching your child about months, weeks, days, and time generally, You can sign up for my newsletter and get a free calendar every month via email. Does your child write a letter to Santa? If he does, you can download a free letter to Santa with traceable words and a space for a drawing for your child.

This post is a Christmas Challenge, which means, I will add one free printable worksheet to this post every day for the next 7 days. You can refresh this page every day, follow me on social media, sign up for a newsletter all of this will help you to get new worksheets.

Day 2 – Number Writing Advent Calendar for kids

Three pages of number tracing and number words writing for kids. You can use it as a worksheet he is making every day or as a one-time fun tracing worksheet with counting down till Christmas. In each line, you will find a word and a number to trace. On the end, there is a Merry Christmas sign to trace and a Christmas tree to color.

A printable advent calendar for kids with traceable numbers. Block letter font. Traceable Numbers and words.
Click the button to download this number tracing advent calendar for free

Day 3 – Santa’s reindeers name tracing for kids

Two printable pages with trace and rewrite words. This time there are Santa’s reindeer names to trace.

This worksheet is one of 8 total worksheets created as a Christmas tracing words challenge for kids. Download it for free from my website. Save this pin to return to it later. I create printable worksheets for kids, follow me to see more of my content.
Christmas Writing Challenge for Kids

Day 4 – Christmas tree ornament list

I was able to add to this list nine types of items we use to decorate a Christmas tree. I left an empty line where your child can write his idea of Christmas tree decoration. There are black dots on each letter to indicate where to start tracing a letter, I see on my son’s writing that it helps him to practice good habits in writing letters.

For some reason this pdf is in landscape orientation, I do not have any idea how to fix it 🙂 but it doesn’t affect how it is printed on the paper.

traceable words ornament, tree skirt, tree topper, lights, candy cones
Christmas tree decoration list for kids
traceable words Tinsel garland, snowflakes, ribbon, berry stems. Block letter tracing worksheet for kids.
Add your idea of Christmas tree decoration in the empty line.

Day 5 – Christmas tracing words

There would not be Christmas if not for this story. So today you can trace words that are related to the Birth of Christ. There are two printable pages in this worksheet to trace. Each word has again the black dot, so it would be easier to practice handwriting. Click the button to download this worksheet. And again as usual if you like my work, let me know about it :). You can do it by adding a comment to this post. You can also post on Instagram a picture with finished tracing by your child and tag me in the post.

Christmas tracing words about the Birth of Christ, traceable words December 24, Bethlehem, Maria, Joseph, Jesus, Angel, Bright Star, The Vise Man, Manger.
The dot on each letter indicate where to start tracing.

Day 6 – Ways to say Merry Christmas

Ok, so I needed to google it. I found a website, where was not only a list of how to say “Merry Christmas” but also a list of translations from other languages. You can check it by yourself. For my worksheet, I chose five of them, with I liked. I added a black dot to each letter so it would be easier to trace.

A small digression about The Dot. So some time ago, I saw how my son is writing. From the bottom. From the wrong side. Weird for me. I tried to explain to him how the letters should be written but he kept forgetting how to write them. Then I created The Dot. I made an alphabet. In each row the first letter had arrows with numbers to show how to trace, then on each letter (without an arrow), I added a dot. I explained how it works, that he should start tracing from this point. I cannot say he immediately started to write as a PRO 😉 but I see progress. And if I see he is better that means it is working. The alphabet with The Dot is in my Etsy store, I made it for preschoolers. But an alphabet with The Dot and smaller letters is available on this blog for free (it is a version for 1st grades more because of the size of the letters).

Ways to say merry Christmas printable worksheet.
Ways to say Merry Christmas

Day 7 – Tracing letters S, G, and E and words Santa, Gift and Elf

When I ask kids about Christmas, the first word they say is Santa, then gifts. Today tracing pages are about these words. I created three printable pages with traceable letters S, G, and E and words starting from these letters. So there are traceable words Santa, Gift, and Elf. As usual, I added also a black dot to each letter to help in learning good habits while writing.

Download free Christmas-inspired worksheets for kids. Traceable letter S and words Santa. Traceable letter E and word Elf. Tracing letter G and word Gift. I create printable worksheets for kids. Follow me to see more of my content. Share this free printable by saving it into your Pinterest board. Click to download a file.
Traceable letter S and word Santa.

Day 8 – Alphabet tracing lowercase letters

It looks like it is the last day of this Christmas challenge for block letter tracing. For this last day, I decided to share with you this alphabet tracing page with lowercase letters. All letters are placed in the Christmas light. Each letter also has a black dot. If you want to download also uppercase letters alphabet, you can download it from the post with Christmas challenge for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

And again, if you have any idea on what can be fun to trace, I’m open to suggestions, just write me an email or here in the comment.

Free alphabet tracing lowercase letters for kids. This page is one of more than 20 free printable pages made as Christmas tracing Challenge. Click to download this page. I create printable worksheets for kids, follow me to see more of my content. Save this pin to return to it later.
Free alphabet tracing lowercase letters

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