Christmas Tracing Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

I do not know how it is in your home, but in mine, kids are crazy about Christmas, Santa, gifts, and decorations for Christmas. And yes, we have still November :). Because they like all about Christmas, I decided to create some worksheets about Christmas for them. I have many ideas about what I can create, but because I know there are parents of kids from preschool age to elementary visiting this blog, I decided to add three separate posts. This post will be with free printable worksheets for preschool-age kids and Kindergarteners. I created also a separate post for kids who are practicing handwriting with block letters, and for them, I made worksheets with Christmas-inspired tracing words and sentences. Finally, for kids who like my daughter like to practice cursive, there is a blog post with free printables with cursive.

How this challenge will look?

I have an idea for 8 worksheets, so each day starting today I will add one worksheet here to this post. At the same time, I will be adding worksheets to other Christmas challenge posts, so if you are interested in them too, I encourage you to check them too.

All worksheets are free to use, but as always you cannot resell them or use them commercially.

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Day 1 – Free Christmas Number Tracing For Preschool Age Kids

This pdf file is 6 pages. There is a title page with should be traced and 5 pages with traceable numbers. I think the better idea is to print it as 2 pages per sheet of paper.

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Day 2 – Free Printable Advent Calendar With Traceable Numbers

Does your child like to countdown till Christmas? If he does, this printable can be fun for him. Printable advent calendar with traceable numbers.

Printable advent calendar for kids with traceable numbers. I create printable worksheets. Follow me to see more of my content. Save this pin to share it with others and also to return to it later. Click to download this file.
Advent Calendar For Kids

Day 3 – Ways to make 10 with Christmas Ornaments and tracing letters

In these worksheets, your child should count red and green ornaments, write a number of each in the right place and trace all sentences.

Free printable worksheet with ways to make 10 for kids in preschool and kindergarten. This worksheet is with Christmas ornaments to count.
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Day 4 – Merry Christmas From – Traceable Card

There is still time to send a Christmas card. Are you sending cards for Christmas? If you do, and your child is starting to trace letters it can be a good opportunity for him to make his own written card. imagine how grandma will feel when she gets a piece of paper made and written by her grandson :). My kids are making cards every year and these cards are the best because they are made from a heart.

Click on the button to download this card, and let me know what the final result looks like (you can do it by sending me an email if you decide to share a picture of a card on Instagram, tag me in the post, and I will be happy to see someone use my work).

Free traceable Christmas card for preschoolers and kindergarteners with a Christmas tree to color. Traceable "Merry Christmas from".
Color and trace printable Christmas card

Day 5 – Tracing letters S, G, and E and words Santa, Gift, and Elf

Then I ask kids about Christmas, and the first word they say is Santa, then gifts. Today’s tracing pages are about these words. I created three printable pages with traceable letters S, G, and E and words starting from these letters. So there are traceable words Santa, Gift, and Elf. As usual, I added also a black dot to each letter to help in learning good habits while writing. The size of the font is big so it should be easy to trace.

Traceable letter S for preschoolers
Traceable letter S and word Santa

Day 6 – Merry Christmas Garland Printable

I created a template for any garland because my kids really like to decorate walls whenever there is an occasion for that. So we have a happy birthday, Happy New Year, and of course Merry Christmas garland. They are creating a new garland every time from begin, this way I do not have to store them, they are busy and happy creating them so win-win situation. The idea is that your child will decorate them how he likes. If you print them on regular paper, and glue them to a string, the paper should be ok for a couple of days (unless there is a big humidity in your place). If you want a big banner print one page per sheet of paper, but for a smaller banner use 2 pages per sheet of paper.

Cutting of the letter
Attaching letters to the string
Our DIY Merry Christmas garland

Let me know how it looks if you decide to create them.

Day 7 – Christmas Alphabet Capital Letters Tracing

There are many tracing alphabet letters pages on the internet. And this is good. One book won’t be enough to teach writing letters, it takes a lot of practice to be good at writing. This is why I added to this challenge alphabet tracing capital letters. I added Christmas lights as a background for the letters so it will be working with the Christmas theme. Each letter has a black dot which should help your child in learning from where he should start tracing. If you want the same alphabet in lowercase – go to the post with Christmas tracing words challenge and download it too. Have fun 🙂

Download this free alphabet uppercase letters tracing page for kids. The dot on each letter chelps to indicate where to start tracing. Christmas lights as a background make this worksheet more colorful and Christmas-inspired. I create printable worksheets. Follow me to see more of my content. Save this pin to return to it later.
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Day 8 – Tracing basic lines for preschoolers

This is the last day of this challenge. When I started it I was thinking it will be easy to create all the worksheets because I already had a list of what I wanted to share. Today you can download a pdf file with three printable pages. On each page, there are tracing basic lines for preschoolers placed inside of the Christmas tree, Santa, and an ornament.

Basic tracing pages for preschoolers

Thank you for joining me in this challenge. I hope you like these printables. If you do, let me know 🙂 there is no better way to inspire me to work than by showing me that my printables are liked and used.

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