Christmas Cursive Words Tracing Challenge

This Christmas cursive words tracing challenge is made for all kids who like to practice handwriting cursive by tracing words and sentences. There will be at least 8 pages to download in this challenge, and I will add one page every day starting today. I want this to be a fun way to practice what your kids already like and are interested in. I have a plan for simple word tracing worksheets, story tracing worksheets, and maybe some recipes.

If you have an idea for something to trace, share it with me, if it will be possible to create, I’ll be happy to do it.

I’m running two more challenges at the same time, you will find in them worksheets for preschoolers and worksheets for kids to practice handwriting with block letters. For all of them, I will be adding new worksheets every day.

There is one more Christmas-related worksheet with cursive tracing you might be interested to download. I created a printable letter to Santa with traceable words and a space for drawing. This worksheet is free, just download it, print it, and start writing.

Day 1 – Cursive tracing words Santa, Christmas, sleigh, elf, gifts, reindieer.

We are starting from simple word tracing and rewriting. If there is enough space, your child can rewrite the word more than once.

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In the next 7 days, I will add here one printable page per day.

Day 2 – Advent Calendar With Cursive Number Tracing

There are three pages in this pdf file. In each line, you will find a number to trace and a word representing this number to trace, all of them in cursive.

Download free Cursive number tracing advent calendar with traceable numbers from one to twenty-four. This free pdf file is a part of the Christmas Cursive Tracing Challenge I created on my blog. Visit the website to download this and other worksheets with cursive tracing from this challenge. I create printable worksheets. If you want to be informed about new worksheets, follow me. Save this pin to return to it later. Click to download the pdf file.
Cursive Number Tracing Advent Calendar

Day 3 – Trace cursive and sing Jingle Bels

Turn on music, Christmas songs, trace the most famous words from this Christmas song and maybe song 🙂 Have fun

This printable worksheet is a part of a free 8 days challenge made for kids to practice handwriting cursive. All worksheets in this challenge are inspired by Christmas.
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Day 4 – Cursive trace all the Santa’s reindeer.

Traditionally there are eight reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. But there is also Rudolf the night reindeer with a red nose, and  Olive, the other reindeer. Today you can download the worksheet with cursive tracing all Santa’s reindeer names. Have fun.

Free cursive tracing worksheets with Santa's reindeer names to trace and rewrite. This worksheet is part of the Christmas writing and tracing challenge made for kids. Go to my website to download this and other worksheets for this challenge.
Free Cursive Words Tracing for Kids Christmas Worksheets

Day 5 – Cursive tracing Christmas tree decorations list.

There can be a really long list of items you use to decorate the Christmas tree. In my list, you will find a garland, ornaments, lights, snowflakes, and many more. Trace the words and rewrite them. Do you have any idea for an ornament? Write it in the empty line.

Trace names of all Christmas tree ornaments.
Add one ornament to the list.

Day 6 – Ways to say Merry Christmas

Ok, so I needed to google it. I found a website, where was not only a list of how to say “Merry Christmas” but also a list of translations from other languages. You can check it by yourself. For my worksheet, I chose five of them, with I liked.

Cursive tracing ways to say Merry Christmas

Day 7 – Cursive tracing letters G, S, and E

It is not a full alphabet but just three letters from it. Three lines on each page, one with capital letters, one with small, and finally in the last line a word to trace in cursive. Landscape oriented page helps me to add more letters and it is more comfortable to work for kids.

Download cursive tracing letter S and word Santa, G and word Gift, E and word Elf. Free cursive practice worksheets inspired by Christmas. This cursive letter tracing is worksheet is part of the 8-day Challenge with free 8 printable worksheets. I create printable worksheets for kids. Follow me to see more of my content. Save this pin to return to it later.
Cursive tracing letter S and word Santa

Day 8 – Cursive Tracing Easy Gingerbread Icing Recipe

This is the last worksheet in this cursive Christmas challenge and in it, I share with you an easy gingerbread icing recipe. It is super easy to make, it holds shape and tastes good. If it is too watery add more sugar, and if it is too dry add a little lemon :).

I hope you enjoyed this challenge, and if you look for more cursive tracing, check cursive summer tracing worksheets.

If you would like alphabet cursive tracing pages made for kids, you can buy them for about $2 (price change and depends on where you leave) in my Etsy shop.

Easy Gingerbread
Icing Recipe

Mix three tablespoons of lemon juice with ten tablespoons of powdered sugar.   Printable cursive tracing pages for kids.
Easy gingerbread icing recipe – cursive tracing for kids

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