Montessori Number Roll Printable Number Tracing 1 to 1000

My son was really interested in the Montessori Number Roll when he was in Kindergarten. He was bringing his work home from preschool and continued work. He enjoyed unrolling it and seeing how long is his work. He enjoyed seeing how the numbers are growing. He made not one number roll but a couple of them. If you have a kid who likes to see how the numbers are changing and growing, these worksheets are for you. I come up with the idea for this printable number tracing when I was checking our old photos and I found this one.

The Number Roll – Montessori Printable

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What is The Number Roll?

The simplest explanation is that it is a super long paper in which a child is writing numbers in order from 1 to any number actually. So if you do not want to print worksheets with tracing numbers from 1 to 1000, you can just fold pages along the long side. Cut in half. Then glue or tape the short side of rectangles and start writing. You start from 1. This work is called The Number Roll because you roll paper where you wrote numbers.

My version of Montessori Number Roll is printable pages with traceable numbers from 1 to 1000. Each page has two columns, you should cut them in half. Trace numbers, and when you are done with one piece of paper, you should glue another one to it.

Making Montessori Number Roll helps your child to

  • Understand of number order.
  • Practices number counting.
  • Learn how to place value as units, tens, hundreds, thousands.

Your child does not have to make it in one sitting. This work is very often something that stays somewhere on the shelf and is made when your child wants to do it.

Boy holding The number Roll made at home
One of The Number Roll my son made.
Printable number roll tracing numbers 1 to 1000. Page with two columns and numbers traceable.
The Number Roll Printable Traceable Numbers 1 – 1000.
Boy creating a number roll Montessori work.
Creating The Number Roll.

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