Tracing Lines Winter Inspired Worksheets for Preschool

Kids in preschool-age start their handwriting journey from drawing and coloring, then when they are ready they start to trace lines. For today I prepared four pages with winter-inspired tracing lines. I hope you will like them.

With words comes to your mind when you think winter? For me, there will be a mitten, cocoa, a scarf, and a snowflake. I used these words to create pictures with basic tracing lines for handwriting practice.

Scarf with traceable lines for pre-writing skills practice.
Scarf with traceable lines
Tracing simple lines in the mitten, traceable word mitten.
Tracing lines in a mitten
Tracing lines and drawing a snowflake, traceable word snowflake
Tracing lines – snowflake

These simple lines bring back memories of my childhood. When I was in early elementary school, there were no printers available, as there are now. We only had notebooks with paper in line. Our first writing lessons were to write line patterns. Over time, we moved on to writing letters and as homework, we had to draw one line with a pattern every day. These lines could be colored and were partitions between lessons at school. It looked somehow like this in the picture below. It is not my notebook, the picture I find on the Internet.

There are four printable pages in these winter tracing lines worksheets. Under each picture I added traceable letters in case if your child would like to write also a letters. Click on the button to download them and let me know did you liked them.

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In the past couple of days I created also winter-inspired block letter tracing worksheets for kids in 1st grade and cursive tracing for 3rd grade. There is also a big Christma challenge I created for kids, where you can download more than 20 worksheets. All links you will find below.

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