Printable 2nd Grade Cursive Writing Worksheets – Winter Tracing Challenge

Last week I shared on this blog six winter-inspired tracing words and sentences worksheets for 1st-grade kids. Today I’m giving you the same printable worksheets but in cursive. The idea for cursive tracing worksheets came to me about two years ago when I saw how my daughter (1st grade at that time) was interested in learning cursive. Back then, she needed a big font size to be able to trace letters, now I see big progress in her writing. She is interested in writing sentences. She is able to write and trace smaller letters. So following this interest, I created these winter worksheets.

Printable 2nd Grade Cursive Writing Worksheets – what you will get?

  • There are 6 printable pages in this set (US Letter size of the paper).
  • On each page, you will find questions, sentences, and words to trace, and rewrite.
  • Font is smaller than in other worksheets, so if you think it is too small for your child, you can cheeck summer cursive tracing challenge. You will find there 20 printable pages all with cursive and bigger font.
  • The font size and amout of tracing in these printable cursive worksheets should be good for 2nd grade or 3rd grade kids.

Why it is important to practice cursive?

There is less and less handwriting in school. My kids almost don’t have anything to practice handwriting so their handwriting isn’t beautiful. I see they do not follow lines. They break words where they shouldn’t be broken. My son is mirroring some letters. Finally, I see they do not follow rules on how letters should be written, where to start, how to trace.

I want them to be able to take notes, use pens and paper to make notes, not phone or computer. Just that.

Handwriting can be an art. For some people who master cursive, it can become work. For me, when I look at my kids, I believe it is important to practice handwriting in any form. I’m ok with cursive and with block letters, as long as they practice. The only thing I would like them to learn in cursive writing nice is their first and last name. Just because I would like them to be able to sign with nice cursive ;).

My daughter is interested in cursive tracing, and she is the reason why I started cursive worksheets in this blog and in my Etsy store. For her, I created name tracing worksheets, summer challenge, Christmas tracing, and now these cursive worksheets.

To make my kids more interested in writing I started to produce more and more writing worksheets for them. Very often I’m trying to make them with their current interest in mind. My daughter likes to answer questions and learn new things, and this is why in winter cursive tracing worksheets I added some information she could not know, like “When it is winter in the United States, it is summer in Australia.”

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let me know if these worksheets were useful for your child. What did he like?

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