Happy New Year Kindergarten Worksheets

So what you will find in these Happy New Year kindergarten worksheets set?

These New Year-inspired worksheets for kindergarteners are simple, can be colorful, and can be a fun way to practice handwriting and teach basics about a year.

Do you talk with your child about months, years, weeks, and generally about a time?

I like to teach my kids planning, thinking about time, and about days. They were three years old when I created a “weekly planner” on with we marked all days when they go to preschool when I’m having plans and days when dad go play soccer too. I wrote their names on them and I glued their pictures on these planners. Then I laminated them and we hung them on the wall. But not about this today.

Today it should be about a year as a concept. I think kindergarten-age children can start to be familiar with basic numbers connected with a year like 365 days, 12 months, and 52 weeks. I added these numbers to one of the worksheets I’m sharing today with you. The second page only has a Happy New Year sign to trace and rewrite, your child can also color big outlined letters in the words Happy New Year. My favorite is the third page. On this page, your child can answer simple questions about himself. This is a page you can put in a special folder and return to it in the future. 

I like the idea of writing something once per year and keeping it for future memories. Here is how this idea come to me. Not so long ago when I was in Poland, I went through our old stuff left there. I found a folder and in it I found memories 🙂 that brings a smile. I have a much younger brother than me. I was for him more a mom than a sister. Every time he drew or wrote something I felt was special, I put it in the special folder. I wrote dates on the back of each page and after a couple of years, it was fun to find them.

Here is one of his letters to Santa:

It says “Dear Santa, I would like to get 100 zl (zloty is Polish currency) but it can be 50zl. Small Waldus.”

Now he is almost 30 years old and he still likes money, the difference is that he now knows he needs to work hard to get more rather than asking Santa for help 🙂

And if you are looking for a free printable and traceable letter to Santa you can download it here in one of my blog posts :).

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