Happy New Year Kindergarten Worksheets

So what you will find in these Happy New Year kindergarten worksheets set?

These New Year-inspired worksheets for kindergarteners are simple, can be colorful, and can be a fun way to practice handwriting and teach basics about a year.

Do you talk with your child about months, years, weeks, and generally about a time?

I enjoy teaching my kids about planning, time management, and organizing their schedules. When my kids were three years old, I created a “weekly planner” for them to mark the days they go to preschool, my plans, and their dad’s soccer games. I added their names and pictures to the planners, laminated them, and hung them on the wall. However, today’s topic is not about that. You can read more about how I introduced to them weekly and monthly planning in one of my blog posts.

Happy New Year Kindergarten Worksheets – What you will find in the file?

Today, I want to talk about the concept of a year. I believe that kindergarten-aged children can start to familiarize themselves with basic numbers associated with a year, such as 365 days, 12 months, and 52 weeks. I’ve included these numbers in one of the worksheets I’m sharing today.

The second worksheet has a “Happy New Year” sign for tracing and rewriting, and your child can also color the large outlined letters in the words “Happy New Year”.

My favorite is the third worksheet, on which your child can answer simple questions about himself. This is a page that you can put in a special folder and return to in the future.

I love the concept of recording something yearly and preserving it for future memories. This idea came to me while I was in Poland, going through some old belongings. I came across a folder filled with memories that brought a smile to my face. I have a younger brother and I was more like a mother to him. Whenever he drew or wrote something special, I would save it in a special folder. I would date each page and after a few years, it was fun to look back on them. This is what inspired me to write about this idea today.

Here is one of his letters to Santa:

It says “Dear Santa, I would like to get 100 zl (zloty is Polish currency) but it can be 50zl. Small Waldus.”

Now he is almost 30 years old and he still likes money, the difference is that he now knows he needs to work hard to get more rather than asking Santa for help 🙂

And if you are looking for a free printable and traceable letter to Santa you can download it here in one of my blog posts :).

Outlined and traceable words Happy New Year free printable worksheet

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