Free Spring Worksheets for 1st Grade

Spring is finally upon us, and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with free spring worksheets for 1st grade children? It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog, but I’m excited to share these fun and educational worksheets that are perfect for welcoming the season of new beginnings.

As you step outside, you can see, hear, and feel the signs of spring all around you. The birds are chirping in the backyard, the buds on the trees and bushes are starting to bloom, and the temperature is rising – all indicators that spring is almost here. I was inspired by this season to create worksheets that incorporate these early signs of spring. All the 12 pages are included in one PDF file, so you can print and use them as a workbook with a variety of activities such as maze, tracing, writing, and coloring.

I created these worksheets with care, and I hope you enjoy them. They are landscape-oriented and feature a variety of activities, including maze, tracing, writing, and coloring. I even used lines and backgrounds from my lined paper sold on Amazon to make them extra special.

The worksheets offer a lot of learning opportunities for your child, including recognizing early signs of spring and learning about spring weather.

What is included in Free Spring Worksheets for 1st Grade?

coloring page with outlined word SPRING and flowers
traceable months names free worksheet for kids
spring flowers traceable with pictures

The first page of the worksheets is a big, capitalized sign “SPRING” with outlined letters to be colored. Around the sign are flowers and butterflies for children to color. On the second page, children can trace the names of the months during which spring occurs: March, April, May, and June. The third page features pictures of spring flowers and their names that children can trace.

how many can you find counting spring flowers worksheet
maze with bee and a flower for kids
traceable letters SPRING capital letters worksheet

Page four is a fun worksheet called “How many can you find?” where your child can count how many of each spring flower they see. Page five includes a maze where a bee is searching for a flower, and your child must help the bee find its way there. The sixth page is about tracing capital letters in the word “SPRING.” There are six lines on this page filled with traceable letters from the word “SPRING.”

spring obserwation journal printable free page
spring weather worksheet with pictores and traceable words
spring inspired traceable sentence for kids

One of my favorite pages is the seventh one, which children can use as their “Spring Signs Observation Journal.” On this worksheet, children should write their name, circle the day of observation, and draw a picture of what they saw outside that day. They should describe their observation of signs of spring by writing in the empty lines.

The eighth page is dedicated to learning about spring weather, featuring pictures of different types of weather with traceable names such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, partly cloudy, thunder, and windy. The ninth page is a sentence that reads “Grass is green, sky is blue, spring is coming soon!” Children should trace the sentence and then rewrite it in the three empty lines provided.

color by number free spring inspired coloring page for kids
birds that return to US in spring worksheet for kids
traceable signs of spring coming for kids

The next page is a coloring page with color-by-letter tulip pictures. On the eleventh page, children can learn about notable songbirds that arrive in the United States during the spring. The last page lists the first signs of spring, which can vary depending on where you are located, but some common indicators include warmer temperatures, melting snow, blooming flowers, return of migratory birds, and increased daylight.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

As a creator, I’ve never made worksheets like these before, so please let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section. These free spring worksheets for 1st grade are perfect for kids to learn about spring and have fun doing so. I hope they bring joy and inspiration to you and your child as you go for walks and enjoy this beautiful season. These free spring worksheets are designed specifically for 1st-grade children and can be printed and used as one complete workbook.

Two printable pages, on the first traceable letters from word SPRING on the second traceable sentences about first signs of spring

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Spring is a season of change, bringing with it the perfect mix of rain and sunshine. This unique combination often results in the breathtaking sight of rainbows stretching across the sky. Kids love rainbows, and what better way to engage their curiosity and creativity than with fun and educational worksheets? I have created a couple of worksheets all about rainbows for kids to enjoy. From coloring to tracing and more, these worksheets are a great way to teach children about the science and beauty of rainbows while having fun. Follow the link to download them for free and add them to your child’s spring activity list today!

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