Halloween Tracing Worksheets Tongue Twisters with Word Witch

I was thinking there is not much to make for me as printable Halloween tracing worksheets. I shared on this blog one post with traceable Halloween costume ideas and a page “This year for Halloween I want to be“. But I was wrong.

Once I was driving a car. There were some funny tongue twisters facts on the radio. I remember that because, after that, I knew I would like to create worksheets with tongue twisters. I started to look into the Internet for some ideas and I found this website with 160 tongue twisters listed. So I read some of them. I found a couple of tongue twisters with the word “witch” and I got the idea to create Halloween traceable tongue twisters with the word “witch”. So here they are. I hope you will like them, let me know what you think.

Halloween Worksheet with Traceable Tongue Twister

What is in this file?

  • There are four pages in this pdf file.
  • There is a picture to color on each page.
  • There is one tongue twister with the word witch to trace on each page.
  • On three pages, there are empty lines to rewrite the sentence.
  • I see that for my son it is much easier to trace when I use the gray color of the font and a black thick line on the bottom of empty lines. So in these worksheets, you have both gray font and a black bottom line.

What there is to trace in these Halloween-inspired tongue twister tracing worksheets?

I focused in these traceable worksheets on the word “witch”. You will find this word in each tongue twister in this set.

  • Two witches, two watches.
  • Which witch wished which wicked wish?
  • Which witch is which?
  • If two witches watched watches then which witch would watch which watch?
Halloween-inspired traceable tongue twister worksheet for kids for handwriting practice
Free Worksheet with Traceable Halloween-Inspired Tongue Twisters

So there is all: coloring, tracing, writing, and reading in these printable worksheets.

Try to read the sentences fast and repeat them a couple of times. Smile and have fun. Tongue twisters are made to be fun. They also are a really good speech therapy exercise for you and your child.

Traceable sentence Two witches two watches. Free printable worksheets for 1st-grade.
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Does your child know how he wants to dress this year for Halloween? If not, then maybe the worksheets with the sentence “This year for Halloween I want to be” will be a good match for your child. If you would like to make more Halloween-inspired worksheets with your child, there is a blog post where I share more Halloween tracing pages for kindergarten and 1st grade, and maybe 2nd too:)

Halloween Worksheets with Costumes Ideas For Kids

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