Printable Color Worksheets with Tracing and Coloring

When I came up with an idea for printable color worksheets for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids, I was sure there would not be much work to do to create them. I was wrong. I started with a simple worksheet. There were empty lines and words with colors’ names to trace. Then I find some info about color shades with looked interesting. So I created one traceable page with this information. Then I come up with an idea for matching colors and names. In the end, I realized each of us can describe colors in a different way and this is how I come up with an idea for the printable booklet “All About Colors”. I like this booklet the most because it has all – coloring, tracing, writing, and reading.

OK, so as you see there are a couple of pages in this post for you.

Color Worksheets for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

How to create an “All About Colors” booklet?

  • Print all pages from the file.
  • Cut the pages in half.
  • Staple pages on the left side or on the top.
  • Let your child color the title letters in the “All About Colors” booklet.
  • On each page read with your child or let him read himself traceable words, for example, you read “is a slow color”. Your child should think with color in his opinion is slow, then color a circle and write the name of the color in an empty line. Now he can also trace the rest of the words.
  • Repeat it with all pages.
  • In the end, you will get a unique booklet “All About Colors”.
Free Printable All About Colors Booklet

Matching Colors With Names Worksheets

There are two pages in this file. The first page is divided into three columns. In the left column, you will see a list of colors’ names printed in lowercase. The middle column is filled with colored circles. The third column is a list of the colors written in capital letters. Your child should match all of them, for example, red – red circle – RED.

On the second page, your child should trace the name of the color and color a shape in it.

Free printable match colors to their names worksheets, traceable colors names, reading the capital and lower case letters.  I create printable worksheets for kids for handwriting practice. Follow me to see more of my work. Save this pin to return to it later. Click to download this and more free printable worksheets.
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Worksheets with traceable colors names and text about colors shades

These pages are made a little bit different than those I was making before. There are smaller than usual letters to trace. These pages are also friendly for black and white printing – so the bottom line is black and the rest of the lines are gray.

The last page I want to share with you is something for kids who can read and trace longer texts. On this page, you will learn what is a shade, with shade being the darkest shade, also you will read some shades’ names of the color green. Each word on this page can be traced and like on the previous page, the letters are smaller than usual in my worksheets.

Free tracing sentences worksheets for 1st and 2nd-grade kids. Trace and learn about color shades. I create printable worksheets mostly for handwriting practice for kids. Click to download this and other free printable pages. Save this pin to return to it later. Follow me to see more of my work.

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It is Autumn now, colors are everywhere around us. Red, Yellow, Orange, Brawn, and Green. Some time ago I added to this blog a post about Autumn, you can download there also some pages with colors.

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