Free Trace Shapes Worksheets 6 Pages

Today I want to share with you files created for learning basic shapes. There are free printable pages with tracing shapes for kids in preschool and kindergarten. I must admit that I had fun creating them. My favorite in this printable is the last page with a foldable booklet.

There are just three basic shapes to trace, count, and color in these free worksheets. I decided to work just with a triangle, a square, and a circle because these are basic shapes, and there is enough to practice just with these three shapes.

Free Trace Shapes Worksheets

What will you find in these free printable pages with tracing shapes?

Free Trace Shape square, trace square from small to big
Free Trace Shape Square
Free Trace Shape Triangle, trace triangle from small to big
Free Trace Shape Triangle
Free Trace Shape Circle, trace circle from small to big
Free Trace Shape Circle
  • Traceable shapes from small to big on the first three pages. At the bottom of these pages, I added traceable capital letters words TRIANGLE, SQUARE, and CIRCLE.
  • One page with tracing small shapes. Your child should start tracing from the black dot and follow an arrow to trace all shapes.
  • I made one page to practice counting and finding shapes on the page. Your child should count how many squares, circles, and triangles are on this page.
  • The last page is for fun. My kids created books with stories, comic books, and even one-page books ;). Kids like to create books. Because of that, I made a template with a foldable “Shapes” book. To create this fold-up book, you need only scissors.
Trace Shapes Worksheet
Trace Shapes Worksheet
How many shapes you can see worksheet
How many you can see worksheet
Fold-up Trace Shapes Booklet Template
Fold-up Trace Shapes Booklet Template

How to create a fold-up “Shapes” book?

  • Print the page and let your child trace shapes, color them (decorate maybe with stickers?), and trace words.
  • Fold the page in half along the long side.
  • Fold the paper in half, but this time along the short side.
  • Unfold the last fold and fold the paper along the long side.
  • Unfold the page again. You should have now page folded just once in half and visible lines along foldings
  • Cut the page in the middle along the dotted line (from the folding side to the middle like in the picture below).
How to cut and fold fold-up book about Shapes
See how to cut fold-up book with basic shapes
  • Now fold it as it is accordion style.

Your book is ready :).

If you need a step-by-step guide with pictures, go to my post about the mother’s day booklet.

traceable circle, square and triangles free worksheet for kids

If you enjoy my work, please share it with others. By saving it to your board on Pinterest, you are giving me the opportunity to reach more people who, like you, are looking for free worksheets. There are many ways to support small businesses for free, and pinning the picture is one of them 🙂

I hope you will like these worksheets, and if you do, please let me know! 🙂

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