Free Beginning Letter Writing Worksheets

Today I have a universal template with beginning letter writing. You can use it for practicing name writing, and finding beginning letter sounds or just for handwriting practice. There is no magic in these pages. On each page, there is just one letter and four empty rows. That is all 🙂

How do I get an idea for these worksheets?

We start teaching kids to recognize the first letters of words early on. It’s easy and can be fun. They don’t have to know how to write the letters yet to practice the sounds they hear at the beginning of words. I remembered a funny story about the first letters of words. My daughter asked, “E is for Stone?” I said, “No, E is for Eucalyptus, can you hear the sound ‘Eeeeucalyptus’?” She said, “EeeeStone?” and that’s how I got the idea!

Name Writing Practice with These Pages

Use the page from my beginning letter writing template to help your child practice writing their name. It’s simple and fun for kids! Just print the appropriate page, write your child’s name, and let them copy it.

Learning how to write your name is crucial in a child’s development. Recognizing, reading, and writing one’s name is an essential skill. Name tracing worksheets hold a special place in children’s learning journey, and my kids loved them. I have created several name-tracing worksheets for my Etsy shop and blog. But with this template, you can create your own way to practice handwriting names.

Free Beginning Letter Words Worksheets

I created today’s worksheets for name-writing practice. I found it interesting to create a simple worksheet where you color a letter with is beginning letter of your name and then rewrite your name in an empty line. It took me a moment to realize that these beginning letter worksheets can be used for much more.

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I have just a few ideas for you on how to use these beginning letter worksheets:

  • R is for Rozalka. You write a name in the first row and let your child color the letter R and rewrite the name three times.
  • C is for Car, same as with name, your child just rewrites words (and might draw a car?).
  • For kids who can find objects beginning with a letter, you can give a page and let them find four objects beginning with a letter and then write them in the empty lines.

As you can see there are a couple of possibilities for you to use these free beginning letter worksheets.

If you have ideas about how it can be used, write them in the comment so others can use your idea 🙂

What you will find in these free beginning letter worksheets?

beginning letter writing sound A, outlined letter A and four lines to write words starting with letter A
This is how the page looks like
beginning letter writing sound k, outlined letter k and four lines to write words starting with letter k
Use it to practice handwriting name
beginning letter writing sound L, outlined letter L and four lines to write words starting with letter L
You can use it also as a beginning letter words search

This file is 26 pages long, portrait-oriented, and in US Letter format. The bottom line in each row is black, so your child shouldn’t have a problem finding the right place to start writing. I believe these worksheets can be used for 1st-grade kids and kindergarteners also.

L is for, beginning letter writing practice worksheet

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