Free Summer Worksheets for Kindergarten and 1st-grade

Hello Summer! July is here! This is the main theme for today’s post and the worksheets for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids. Every year I travel with kids across the ocean to Poland. We spend here at least two months. We are living with our family. Kids are playing mostly outside with their cousins, we are going biking, hiking, and just to the parks. We visit big tourist places like mines, castles and small cities to show kids Poland and Polish history. This is what we usually do. This year is different. 

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This year-end of June and the beginning of July brought to us extreme hot temperatures. Because of that, our activity list is shorter than usual. Here in Poland, people usually do not have an AC unit at home. So yes, it is hot. Kids don’t mind. They just play 🙂 Adults do not want to go anywhere. So we play board games, read books, eat ice cream and kids enjoy the outdoor pool. 

Playing Splendor

Splendor is our favorite game this summer.

He can play it a couple of times per day.

The rules are easy and also when you are tired of them, you can easily change them. So you can play till the last card, and who has more points win. You can play that the player who has more royalties will win the game. Finally, our favorite, the player who has at least one royalties and 25 points wins the game 🙂

Our favorite playground so far is this one. No swings, just an obstacle course. Not an easy one.

This is our version of the floor a lava play. Kids need to go from the beginning to the end and back without touching the floor.

The floor is a lava playground

With the weather outside I decided to create worksheets that are fun, and colorful and also help in some handwriting practice. These summer worksheets should be good for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade.

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Free summer worksheets for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids.

There is a poster with outlined words “Summer” sun and ice cream. Your child can color them and use them as a summer poster in his room. This will help him practice coloring in line.

One page is a tracing page with ice-cream flavors to trace and one empty line to write your favorite ice cream flavor. I used here an easy-to-trace block letter font (print font). The size of the letters is good for kids for handwriting practice. Each new line on the page has a black bottom line to show better where to start writing a new line. I learned from my son, that using a paper with underlined bottom line helps him in handwriting practice. He can focus more on writing, less on where to start a new line to not mix them. 

The next page is also all about ice cream flavors. This time your child can write his favorite ice cream by himself. There is a big ice cream cone with three scoops. Your child can color scoops and write flavors in the lines.

On the fourth page, you will find one sentence to trace “My favorite thing to do on a sunny day is…”. Your child should trace the sentence and write in a new line an answer. At the bottom of the page is a space to write what your child likes to do on a sunny day. This page is what I am practicing with my son now. I write a sentence, he is rewriting it and answers a question. This way he is practicing reading and writing at the same time. Also, I see he likes to write about himself. 

The next page is one page with tracing capital letters SUMMER. Each line starts from the letter with arrows to show how to trace letters. Each line is also a different letter to trace. I tried to make each letter exactly under another, so if your child wants he can read the word SUMMER vertically. Also as usual in my worksheets the bottom line is black. 

The sixth page is very similar to the previous one. There are five times repeated words Summer but with the lower case also. The color of the letters is changing from the top of the page to the bottom from dark to light. In the last line, your child should rewrite the word Summer by himself.  I can imagine that your child can trace letters with colorful markers and create for example rainbow patterns from words. 

If you would like your child to make one more summer worksheet check my monthly printable calendar with traceable numbers. You can use it to teach your child not only how to write numbers but also to talk about family plans for the summer.

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