Free Summer Worksheets for Kindergarten and 1st-grade

Hello, summer! July has arrived and with it, the theme of today’s post: free summer worksheets for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids. Every year, my kids and I travel across the ocean to spend at least two months in Poland, living with our family. The kids play mostly outside with their cousins and enjoy activities like biking, hiking, and visiting parks. We also take trips to bigger tourist attractions like mines, castles, and small cities to expose the kids to Polish history and culture. However, this year is different.

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This year’s end of June and beginning of July brought extreme heat temperatures, causing a shorter activity list than usual. In Poland, air conditioning units are not commonly found in homes, so it’s hot. Despite this, kids are still playing, while adults find refuge in board games, reading books, and eating ice cream.

Playing Splendor

Our favorite game this summer is ‘Splendor,’ which can be played several times a day due to its easy rules.

The rules can also be easily changed for variety. The player with the most points or royalties wins the game. Our favorite way to play is for the player who has at least one royalty and 25 points to win.

Our favorite playground so far is this one. No swings, just an obstacle course. Not an easy one.

This is our version of the “floor is lava” play. Kids need to go from the beginning to the end and back without touching the floor.

The floor is a lava playground

The extremely hot weather outside inspired me to create worksheets that are fun, and colorful and also help in some handwriting practice. These summer worksheets should be good for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade.

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Free summer worksheets for kindergarten and 1st-grade kids

Our free summer worksheets for kindergarten are set of 7 pages, in a PDF file. You will find here pages with tracing words, coloring pictures, and drawings. Here is what is included in these worksheets.

The first page of this set is a summer poster with traceable “Hello July” words and a picture of watermelon, ice cream, and lemonade to color. Use it to create a summer poster for your child’s bedroom.

One page features a poster with the outlined couple of times repeated word “Summer”. There is also a picture of a sun, and ice cream. Your child can color letters and pictures and use them as a summer poster in their room while practicing their coloring skills.

Another page includes traceable ice-cream flavor names to trace, with one empty line on the bottom of the page for your child to write their favorite flavor. Each line includes a black bottom line to help with proper letter placement.

The fourth page features a sentence to trace: “My favorite thing to do on a sunny day is…”. Your child can trace the sentence, then write their own answer and what they like to do on a sunny day. This activity is a great way for your child to practice reading and writing at the same time.

One page has three empty lines to write ice cream flavors and a big three-scoop ice cream cone to color.

The next page focus on tracing capital letters for the word “SUMMER”. On this page, each letter has an arrow to guide your child in tracing the letters. The letters are arranged vertically, making it easier for your child to read the word “SUMMER”.

The final page repeats the word “Summer” five times, with the color of the letters changing from dark to light. Your child can trace the letters, then write the word on their own. I can imagine that your child can trace letters with colorful markers and create for example rainbow patterns from words. 

Summer Handwriting Worksheets with traceable ice cream flavors and word SUMMER

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