Free Printable Graph Paper

If you or your child are struggling with keeping math problems neat and tidy, or just need a reliable paper for graphing or drawing, free printable graph paper might be the solution you are looking for!

What is graph paper?

Graph paper is a type of paper that has horizontal and vertical lines that intersect and create a grid. The squares on the graph paper should be of the same size. Graph paper is also known as squared paper, grid paper, or coordinate paper.

What can you do with graph paper?

As someone who grew up using graph paper for math, I know how helpful it can be. Not only does it make drawing straight lines and 2D or 3D geometric figures easier, but it can also help with keeping equations and long problems organized.

My daughter is currently learning and practicing division with 3 or 4 digit numbers. While she knows the rules and how to solve the problems, I’ve noticed that her work is messy and disorganized. For example, she writes units in columns for tens, instead of keeping her math neat and tidy. When I was in school a long time ago, I was taught that being tidy and neat is a big part of success in math. If there’s a mess, it’s easy to miss something in equations and make mistakes.

mess in math without graph paper
using free printable graph paper to solve division problem math

That’s why I created a free printable graph paper PDF file, with two identical pages in US Letter size and 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) squares. You can easily print on both sides of the paper by setting the number of copies and print options in your printer settings.

In Poland, kids use graph paper exclusively for math in school. I grew up with it and learned that it was much easier to use for math because:

  • It is easier to draw straight lines on it.
  • It is easier to draw 2D and 3D geometric figures on it.
  • It is easier to solve equations with large numbers on it.
  • It is easier to solve long math problems on it.

But graph paper isn’t just for math! It can also be used for neat handwriting practice, note-taking, making lists, drawing graphs and tables, and even creating scale plans of rooms. With graph paper, you can let your creativity and organization skills shine 🙂

For example, you can use graph paper to practice neat handwriting. Neat handwriting involves keeping the size of letters similar, so why not write one lowercase letter in one square and a capital letter in two squares? I believe this paper can be beneficial for kids and young people to practice neat handwriting. However, for adults, the letters might be too big to write. But you can always print this paper by setting two pages per sheet of paper, and it should be okay.

Information about this free printable graph paper:

  • US letter paper size
  • PDF format
  • 2 pages in the file
  • 1/4 inch squares (0.6 cm)

So, if you’re in need of a free printable graph paper, download my PDF file and start practicing today!

Free Printable Graph Paper With 1/4 inch squares

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